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Since November, 2020, two infants have joined our daycare program, and are thriving in our warm, home-based setting with individualized care from our caregivers. We will be expanding our infant care in March of this year, as two more little ones join us!

Group family daycare programs like ours offer a better teacher-to-infant ratio than commercial daycare programs. We have one caregiver present for every two children under 2 years of age in attendance. This way, infants can bond with no more than one or two caregivers at a time, and get the attention they need to thrive!

At Jiggle Sprouts, infant care involves lots of interaction, including conversation, rocking, singing, music, reading, floor time, tummy time, feeding, diaper changing and time outside (weather permitting)! Infancy is a precious time, and we want the time each infants spends in our care to be a time of learning and love.

We keep in touch with the parents of infants by sending home individualized reports everyday indicating when each infant was fed, diaper changed and any milestones or special things they did that day! We also keep in touch with families via text, sending photos and updates throughout the day.

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