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Jiggle Sprouts Enrichment

Jiggle Photo Theater Enrichment 4.jpg

Jiggle Sprouts Enrichment launched in the fall of 2020, after opportunities declined for school-age children to interact, learn new skills, and to play and express themselves due to school and after-school restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our programs are geared toward children in grades K to 6, and have included outdoor weekly theater classes such as Theater Games and Improv and Scene Study led by a professional actor and certified teacher in Grover Cleveland Park in Ridgewood. We also held a 7-week sewing class taught at Jiggle Sprouts by a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

We hope to expand our theater programs in the spring (March through June) to include more theater (musical theater, monologues, Disney Scenes and Songs). We plan to add more offerings to include topics such as  Painting, Drawing, Creative Writing, Foreign Language, Skateboarding, HipHop, among other subjects. We would like to hold our classes at additional local parks such as Juniper Valley Park and Forest Park, and at other locations (indoors and outdoors) where social distancing and health and safety protocols can be maintained.

Our programs are reasonably priced, and financial aid is always offered to those who qualify.

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