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As we near the end of November, we reflect on how thankful we are for the times we get to share with children during their most formative years. The days and months pass slowly, but the years go too fast!

Before the official Thanksgiving holiday, we made pilgrim and Native American hats with the children to teach them about two of the cultures in American history. We also listened to stories and songs (in English and Spanish), and made crafts (open-ended and more formal) about the Thanksgiving holiday. Our toddlers and twos are starting to grasp the concept of thanks, noting their family, friends, teachers, and toys. We sent home each family a Thanksgiving keepsake with each child's handprint on it.

We look forward to celebrating the December holidays of light in the coming month, with crafts, songs (in English and Spanish), stories, and special treats, culminating in a family potluck. Many more reasons to be thankful!

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